Rising Stars

In June we hosted our first tournament, Rising Stars. This tournament was aimed at the MENA region, with the goal of giving back to our community by showcasing the players and talents in the region.Ultimately we wish to develop the region enough to compete on the international scene.

64 teams competed and 12 of the best teams in the region made it to the playoffs. The teams were competing for a prize pool of $10,000 and the opportunity to face Team Nigma in a friendly showmatch. The tournament was streaming on our YouTube channel and casted by some of the most talented casters in the region. Our aim was to not only promote the players, but also the casting talent in the region.

We got a lot of great Dota from the teams, but Fate Esports took it a step further than the rest. They didn’t lose a single series from the qualifiers all the way to the Grand Finals Vs Revenge. They took a dominant 3-0 victory and went up to face us in the showmatch.

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